Not everyone can bring a hurting child into their home, but everyone can do something to help.

Safe Harbor creates a supportive community around foster/adoptive families to bring and coordinate services, support, and encouragement, vital to maintain placement stability and to create a Safe Harbor where hope & healing can occur.




The Safe Harbor community works to identify and build upon existing support opportunities as well as works to create a support structure to surround foster/adoptive families with a community that provides them with a stability network to lean on.


The Safe Harbor community will support foster/adoptive families by assisting with transportation to and from appointments, providing meals when obligations or illness adds family stress or simply when these families need assistance with housecleaning, laundry, yard work or providing activities for the children to be part of - Safe Harbor will create the community to provide it.


By providing 'whatever it takes' our hope is to have more families step up to provide homes for these children, knowing they will be surrounded by a community to help them meet any challenge that will arise.


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